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Surplus Turbine Engines
Buy, Sell, or Lease


Complete Overhauls


OEM and Replacement Parts

Field Services

•Solar® engines and packages
•Caterpiller, Waukesha, and most reciprocating gas compressors and generators
•Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance
•Hardware and Software replacement
•Start-up Services
•Video Bore Scope inspection

Complete Overhauls

•Saturn® engines from T-1000 to T-1600
•Centaur® engines from T-4000 to T-4700
•Most other makes of turbine engines
•Accessory drives
•Power turbines
•Centrifugal Gas Compressors, C-16, C-160, C-28, C-30, C-50
•We also provide: Teardown Condition Reports (TDCR), Outside Vendor Reports,
Inspection Reports, Assembly Reports and Test Reports.

OEM and Replacement Parts

•We stock an inventory of new and reconditioned Solar spare parts
• Engine and Skid accessories
•Fuel Valves
•Support Equipment
•Exchange items such as Gas Producers, Power Sections, Power Turbines, Gearboxes, Package Parts

Component Overhauls

•Fuel Control Valves
•Servo Actuators
•Just about anything

Surplus Engines

•We buy and sell surplus parts and refurbished turbine and recip engines
•Engines and packages available for lease